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If your puppy continues to display signs of fear or aggression around certain stimuli, you will need to engage the services of a professional to help you find ways to desensitize or counter condition your puppy by safely exposing them to the stimulus that causes the fear or aggression. Puppies are usually weaned around six to seven weeks, and at this time will still be learning important skills from their mother and their other litter mates.

Picky or Packing on the Pounds?

In order to gain the full benefit from the teaching of other role model canines, ideally, puppies should remain with their mothers and litter mates for at least 12 weeks. Puppies develop physical coordination through play with litter mates, and also learn valuable life lessons that develop their personality, such as how hard they can bite, when they are being too rough and what their ranking is within the litter.

How Much Should Your Yorkshire Terrier Weigh?

Even though a dog has the capacity to be receptive to new experiences and the ability to learn new lessons throughout its life, a puppy who is not given the time to acquire their birth to eight week old skills, because they have been removed from their mother and litter mates too early, may have difficulty learning these early skills later on in life. Every puppy transitions through incredible growth and development over a very short period of time and it will be up to you, as their human guardian, to make sure that the early developmental stages of their life are safely monitored and wisely guided.

Connect with. Photo and Image Files. Audio and Video Files. This is the sign that your puppy started his growing phase. We recommend brushing in sections, starting at the bottom and working up to the face.

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We recommend checking the distance between pins before buying a brush. Combs or brushes with wide distances between the teeth will help you easily brush your Yorkie, while smoothing out their fur and helping them relax. Brush your Yorkie before bath time to untangle knots — hair swells when it gets wet, causing knots to tighten! Dental hygiene for dogs is also an important grooming step.

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We recommend getting their teeth checked at the vet, and also buying a toothbrush if they have smelly breath. A Yorkie puppy will start loosing puppy teeth at between 4 and 6 months old. Their adult teeth should all be in by the time they are between 8 and 10 months old. If you are going to go hiking with your Yorkie, make sure to bring along water for both of you, and consider investing in a travel bottle for your pup.

You can also get a dog backpack so that your Yorkie can carry some snacks or other necessities. Another thing to consider is that some Yorkshire Terriers bark a lot, and it can be noisy for many people, including family members and neighbors. We recommend investing in an anti-barking collar , which will sense when your pup is barking and beep or vibrate to alert them that they need to stop.

Check out our small breed page to learn more about other small dog breeds! At every stage of life, your dog needs something a little different. We want to make sure we offer age-appropriate selections, whether your dog is a puppy or an older companion. The more we know about your dog, the better we can recommend a product that fits your needs! The Dog Gear experts know some dogs can destroy heavier chewer toys in a days or weeks and with a different dog, the toy could last a lifetime. Some dogs- a sharp voice correction is all they need and others may require a tug on the leash or a Martingale collar.

If you live in the northeast, your dog faces different conditions than one in the southwest, so we want to recommend a product that is best for your dog and the climate in which you live. Some of our products such as beds are geared towards inside vs outside. We take this in account to get the best products for your dog. We want to make sure that we recommend products that will avoid or even alleviate health issues. The Yorkshire Terrier. Looking for the right Yorkshire Terrier gear?

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How to Keep Your Yorkshire Terrier Fit

Find Your Product. Overview of the right Yorkshire Terrier. Keep reading to learn more about the Yorkshire Terrier! Yorkie Food and Health. Leashes and Collars for your Yorkshire Terrier. Best Crates, Beds, and Doghouses for Yorkies. Yorkshire Terrier Toys.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Pictures, Yorkie, Page 4

Grooming Your Yorkie. Yorkshire Terrier Accessories.

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