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  1. How to Run the Single Wing Offense (Complete Football Guide)
Personnel Decisions

The Fullback Trap is the primary complement to the Buck Sweep. The backfield motion is nearly identical, though the QB must rotate further on his left foot so that he can step off line and make room for the FB diving straight ahead on line.

Other than stepping off line, the QB continues his 3-step progression with his back to the LOS until he begins the fake boot. The FB steps straight forward on line, raises his right arm to take the hand-off, then bends to playside to cut inside the trap block. The C and playside guard will down block.

The backside guard will step over behind the C and cross block across the playside guard. This article will discuss incorporation with modern trends, play action concepts, and how the drop back passing game fits into the traditional Wing T offense.

Any quotes are directly from Thorpe. With all levels of football using shotgun more and more, Thorpe has adapted his Wing T system to keep up with the trend.

The blocking assignments do not change, only the arrangement in the backfield does. There is minimal drop off with the productivity of each concept with one exception.

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  • Heart of the Wing-T.

With the switch to a shotgun based system, Thorpe notes the difficulty of utilizing the trap concept. Trap out of QB under center is a quick hitting play and still one of the best plays ever in football.

How to Run the Single Wing Offense (Complete Football Guide)

But in gun, FB trap just takes too long and defensive ends can close down and catch trap from behind. With a run-based system, the incorporation of play action is a mainstay to create explosive plays. The play requires the fullback to run a flat route after he takes his fake, and the opposite wing back to run a climb route. The wide receiver on the waggle side will run a corner route to provide the quarterback with a three level stretch. This concept is no different than what other offenses do to create conflict off of play action.