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Her child — truly the child of love and sacrifice, who should care for and honor her old age, who redeemed her husband, Ah Sing, from being the mock and reproach of his family — Ah Sing, who had been so good and kind to her all these years, and of whom she was so fond and proud. Note that Dr.

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Kin — a very attractive one. March 28; San Francisco Chronicle.

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Weary of her husband, she leaves their eight-year-old boy in charge of persons in Berkeley, California San Francisco Call. Eca da Silva, although divorce proceedings are now in progress San Francisco Chronicle. A large photo shows Dr. Kin wearing a Chinese robe. Yet if he lived in Berkeley, how did he get to school and back each day, unless he boarded at the school? Los Angeles Times , p. These lectures must be an important source of income for Dr.

Kin and her son, Alexander. It is unclear whether or not her son, born in , accompanied her on this lecture tour. Yamei Kin gives a talk to the Los Angeles Medical Association about the practice of medicine in China and the vigor and vitality of most Chinese. The Los Angeles Times March 7, p.

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Yamei Kin stand before the Los Angeles County Medical Association last night,… Her language is of the purest Anglo Saxon, rich and beautiful in modulation, and her rhetoric is near perfection. She possesses a keen sense of humor, and never permits an opportunity to escape unimproved. Her face lights up with pleasure and often develops into a broad laugh. The face and dress of the speaker were the only evidence of her nationality.

As some of the people expressed it — he took me home just like a man. In November , she is still lecturing — to large audiences in and around Chicago. She has begun to move among the highest levels of American society. The Boston Sunday Globe writes Jan. John L. Gardner first introduced this young Celestial woman to Boston society. She had received an English education before coming to this country, so that she was fully equipped to take the entrance examinations required by her alma mater.

After receiving her degree, she returned to China, where she practiced medicine. She has recently arrived in America from Japan, where she has resided seven years. Kin first mentions soyfoods or soybeans. Yamei Kin is given custody of their one child, Alexander, and is allowed to change her name back to Dr. He was a Chinese interpreter employed by the Government… Her husband was not 'up to date,' according to his testimony yesterday, and she, declaring herself a 'new woman,' left him.

They came to San Francisco, where she wearied of him in Four of the women confessed that they and their companions were slaves and were being brought to the United States for immoral purposes. The Yates family, whom Dr.

Kin was last in China, about two years ago, she brought back her little son, who is now a student at Manlius School, near Syracuse. Its President is Col. William Verbeck, who, Dr. Kin says, did so much for Japan, and who himself speaks excellent Japanese. There are students at the school, which is all it will accommodate. Yamei Kin will speak at an international peace congress in Boston. She actually spoke, with many others, on about Oct. Eca Da Silva in St.

Louis Los Angeles Times , Sept. Eca da Silva. Eca da Silva and Lee Toy, charged with importing women into this country for immoral purposes, comes the revelation that Da Silva was engaged to be married to two young women. To one of these, Miss Agnita Burbank, a stenographer employed in the Chinese Bureau, he confided some of his plans. In turn Miss Burbank kept him posted regarding developments on this end. The correspondence is in the hands of the Federal officials. A photo shows Miss Agnita Burbank.

Yamei Kin, the secrets to her charm, and missing pieces in the story of her early life. Yamei Kin is now visiting Mrs.

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McCartee in Madison, New Jersey. Tells Anecdotes Too. May King Yamei Kin , who after an unhappy marriage had obtained a divorce in , proceeded in to Chengtu in Szechwan and stayed there until , and then, with the aid of a grant amounting to Tls. During the next 20 years she practiced medicine across the country, Kin relieved the suffering of many patients, and her scrupulous medical ethics, skillful practice and amiable nature made her a popular and admired doctor of high reputation in China's medical circles.

One year later, Kin founded a nursing school named the Northern Medical School for Women which primarily enrolled girls from poor families in Zhili, a northern province dating back to the Ming Dynasty which was dissolved in during the Republic of China period. Yamei Kin was headmistress of the school and also taught in person.

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It produced the earliest well-trained nurses in Tianjin. Kin thus introduced and became a pioneer of nursing education in China. Students learned theory in the classroom and also practical primary nursing. During the time she ran the Northern Medical School for Women, Yamei Kin introduced advanced western nursing techniques and concepts into the school's courses, promoted women's emancipation and involved herself in social services.

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Just as she had envisioned years before, graduates of her school began working in Tianjin's hospitals. Meyer: Plant Hunter in Asia , wrote p. Yamei Kin and Mrs. Nevius, the widow of a medical missionary who had introduced Western fruit trees there.


Kin Graphic Novel (Italian)

These ladies, friends of David Fairchild, shared their considerable knowledge of the flora of northern China and showed Meyer several fine gardens. They also invited him 'to take many a cup of tea' and to eat a typical Chinese Dinner. Kin is away in China. Thompson is a long-time friend and successful businessman who lives in Menlo Park, California. His wife has been a friend of Dr.

Here we first learn that Dr. Yamei Kin was also known by another name — Jin Yunmei. This name is valuable in electronic searching. Yamei Kin when she is visited in Tientsin by Frank G. Carpenter of the Chicago Daily Tribune. He writes p. It was established by Yuan Shih Kai, and it is supported out of the salt revenue. Salt is a government monopoly and one of the chief sources from which the government funds come.

This medical school is an academy rather than a college. It is to train women to act as teachers in medical schools which are to be established, to fit girls as matrons for the new hospitals and as aids in the new sanitary work which is to be carried on throughout the empire. Yamei Kin, a Chinese woman of 25 or 30 years [actually 45], who was educated in the United States.

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We are rather a medical academy, and we give such an education as is common in England and America for district visiting nurses. The institution is supported by the government and the tuition is entirely free. Our students will enter the government service as soon as they graduate, and they will work for the government for a fixed number of years.

For this they will receive salaries and afterward, if they wish to practice as physicians they will always have more than they can do. How they came into being is characteristically Chinese. Land, on which were some very ancient buildings, was allotted to Dr. Kin for her new organization, with no assured revenue.

That was the government's part: she was to do all the rest. There were the water supply to be planned and sanitary work to be done, as well as demolishing some of the old buildings, replacing them with new ones and adapting others to her purpose. The transformation was worked. Very interesting. There probably will come a time that soy beans are also given a nobler use in the United States than mere forage or green manure. See p. Yamei Kin is back in the United States.